Philanthropy / Careeranthropy

Philanthropy is the act of giving, usually money, towards causes that you care about. Philanthropy Australia describes philanthropy  more fully as "the planned and structured giving of money, time, information, goods and services, voice and influence to improve the wellbeing of humanity and the community".  Companies and wealthy individuals may choose to establish philanthropic foundations that direct funds towards worthwhile projects and charities. Such foundations and fund raising charities employ specialist fundraisers, donor relationship managers and operational staff.  Many larger companies now have organised workplace giving programs in place, where staff can choose to contribute a portion of their income to a cause of their choice. Some companies will choose to match donations made by their employees, dollar for dollar. Careeranthropy, is a term coined to represent working in a way that gives to humanity. It may be through money or portion of your profits derived through work, your skills and expertise as a volunteer or gifting service pro-bono, or you may give your time for an activity (eg. many companies give one day per year for volunteering). More information on Philanthropy: Workplace Giving Programs eg : Philanthropic Jobs: and

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