Do you want comprehensive information on interview preparation to help you win that job?  I recommend that you get hold of  the excellent e-book "Job Interviews" by Rachel Green, available HERE.  It shows you how to sell yourself and help the panel pick you.   Job Interviews Worried about an upcoming job interview and sure you'll go blank or not know what to say? Don't know how to convince the panel you're the best person for the job? This exciting new book, by expert job interviews coach Rachel Green, takes you step-by-step through how to talk about your strengths, skills and experience and sound credible, convincing and confident. Learn how to:
  1. Prepare brilliantly and do the right research.
  2. Match yourself to the criteria and job description.
  3. Make it clear that you are a good cultural fit.
  4. Describe ten relevant and powerful strengths that you have.
  5. Convince them you want the job.
  6. Talk at the right level and use the right language.
  7. Convince them of your future value to the organisation.
  8. Provide a series of powerful examples as evidence of your skills.
  9. Sound confident and settle your nerves.
  10. Differentiate yourself from the other applicants even if you don't know who they are.
  11. Ask impressive questions at the end.
  12. Give the best answers  ... and nail that job.
There is even a special section for those reapplying for their own jobs, and tips for the older candidate. Whether you're a CEO, executive, senior manager, accountant, lawyer or public servant make it easy for the panel to pick you. By getting hold of your copy of "Job Interviews" you'll be gaining over 120, A4 pages of informative, practical and easy-to-apply tips. At $97 it is a small investment for the potential return of an annual salary from your new job. It's an E-book so if your interview's at short notice you can get the book immediately and start preparing in the right way. Win that job.

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