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Choosing a career, or a new career, can be very confusing!  There are just so many options, that you may feel you need to know “what’s out there?”, in order to make an informed decision. The fact is there are countless options out there, with many new ones being created and added constantly.

Actually, it is really much more important to know “what’s in here?” first.  Learn more about yourself – your strengths, your talents, your passions, your skills, your values, your personality…   Once you know more about yourself from a career perspective, you are then able to assess options and see where there is a good fit.

If you would like some help with your career and self discovery, here is a list of  options available to you:

1.  “Career Discovery” package –  Career Counselling , Coaching and Action plan (one-to-one sessions + report) 

An indepth assessment and intensive career counselling package, that is holistic in that it looks at skills, talents, values, drivers, personality profile, training, occupations and more. Career Wisdom has access to the latest career development software.  The Career Discovery package powerfully combines high-tech with a client-centred method of career counselling. The Career Discovery runs over 6 hours (usually 3 sessions of approx. 2 hrs each) in the Perth CBD, WA.

Cost AUD $1397.00 inc. GST (includes your personalised report plus email followup including actions, links and resources) For Perth appointments (or referrals in other states), please contact us.


2.  “Career Focus” session –  Career Coaching 90 minute session, focussed on you and your career/ work issue or a choice of three Professional Positioning Packages. 

3.  Attend a Career Wisdom workshop or event (subscribe to RSS for updates on events)

4.  Connect with us!   Career Wisdom on LinkedIn

5.  Got a question? Ask away!  Contact us. 




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