About Us

Lois Keay-Smith is Principal Career Coach and Founder of Career Wisdom, established in 2005. Having changed career herself, from working in the financial services industry, she established Career Wisdom with a vision to inspire and support those who are seeking more satisfaction and meaning in their working lives. As a trained career cJDP_8272ounsellor with a Masters degree in Career Development, Lois has experience in community career development, career transition / outplacement and working with a variety of clients including graduates, executives, elite athletes, dancers and professional rugby players. A regular speaker on career topics, Lois enjoys encouraging individuals to find their "career sweet spot".  She is passionate about helping people connect to other people and opportunities, regularly espousing the virtues (and the how to) of connecting (networking) and mentoring. Lois provides career consulting services to Redkite (young people with cancer) and West Australian Ballet's dancers. Memberships:  Professional Member of the Career Development Association of Australia and Fellow of Leadership Western Australia (2012).

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